Bone Support & Mineral Formulas


Cal Apatite:


A comprehensive bone support formula featuring puritycertified, calcium-rich microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC), a complex crystalline compound composed primarily of calcium, phosphorus, delicate organic factors and protein matrix, bone-derived growth factors, and a full spectrum of trace minerals that naturally comprise healthy bone.



Cal Apatite Chewable:


A comprehensive bone support formula featuring the same calcium-rich MCHC contained in original Cal Apatite, but with other bone-nourishing nutrients including magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin D.



Cal Apatite Plus:


A unique combination of the same calcium-rich MCHC found in original Cal Apatite, but with key nutritional factors added to help maintain healthy bone density.



D3 1000:


Features high potency vitamin D3—the most bioactive form of supplemental vitamin D.



Mag Glycinate:


A revolutionary, fully reacted amino acid chelate produced by a unique process that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium.



Mg/K Aspartae:


Features magnesium and potassium in the form of true mineral aspartates to enhance absorption.



Multi-Min Chelate:


Highly absorbable mineral amino acid chelates in ratios designed to avoid competition between minerals for absorption.



Zinc A.G.:


Features a 100% nutrient-dense formula in that each of the active ingredients – zinc, arginine, and glycine – play important and well-established physiologic roles.

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