Joint & Muscle Support Formulas


Inflavonoid Intensive Care:


Provides the same great ingredients and benefits as original Inflavonoid, but with added support for those who want a more aggressive approach.



A clinically tested herbal dietary supplement that provides natural joint relief that is easy on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It works by interfering with signals in the body that initiate the production of damaging compounds that cause minor pain and negatively impact cartilage and other joint tissues.

Kaprex AI:


Targets underlying issues – such as eicosanoid, cytokine, and white blood cell activity and vitamin D levels – that have been associated with minor pain and immune system response concerns. Healthy immune system function and eicosanoid balance are important to maintaining healthy tissues of the joints, skin, digestive system, and nearly every other organ and system in the body.


Muscle Spasm Remedy:


A high quality, handmade homeopathic remedy designed to relieve muscle aches, spasms, or pain.




A time-tested, specialized formula that provides bioavailable forms of magnesium and calcium blended with select herbs that support healthy muscle function.


MyoCalm P.M.:


Provides the same specialized formula as MyoCalm with the addition of lemon balm and hops – herbs traditionally used to promote relaxation and restful sleep.




- A patented, pleasant-tasting, easily digested medical food that provides nutritional support for patients with:

– Rheumatoid arthritis 
– Ulcerative colitis 
– Crohn’s disease 
– Eczema & psoriasis 

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