Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas


Fem Prenatal:


A high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement in convenient, once-daily packets designed to provide essential maternal nutrition and support healthy fetal growth and development. It is well accepted that the outcome of a pregnancy is largely dependent upon the nutritional status of the mother. This is especially true with respect to the birthweight of the newborn.




A comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral formula suitable for adolescents, adults, and seniors that provides an essential, comprehensive foundation for optimal health.


Multigenics Without Iron:


The same comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral formula as Multigenics, but without iron. This formula is designed for individuals who may already be receiving adequate levels of dietary iron.


Multigenics Chewable:


A high quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement with excellent nutrient bioavailability designed especially for children or for those adults who prefer a chewable tablet.


Multigenics Intensive Care Formula:


- Provides additional vitamin D, body-ready folates, MCHC and supporting minerals, and advanced antioxidant support with a more natural vitamin E profile.


Multigenics Intensive Care Formulas Without Iron:


Provides the same highly bioavailable ingredients as Multigenics Intensive Care Formula, but without iron.


Mycelized Children's Multi-Vitamin:


Provides pure, high quality vitamins delivered in a special water-soluble, micellized form.


Wellness Essentials For Men:


A combination of four specialized formulas packaged together to provide essential vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and calcium to support overall health and well-being. Also contains a unique, all-natural herbal formula to support optimal male vitality, stamina, and healthy sexual function.


Wellness Essentials For Pregnancy:


A once-daily nutritional support packet formulated to comprehensively promote the health of both mother and child.


Wellness Essentials For Women:


A combination of four specialized formulas packaged together to provide comprehensive nutritional support in convenient packets.


Wellness Essentials Joint Focus:


A powerful combination of specialized nutritional formulas conveniently packaged together to provide foundational support for optimal joint health. Provides all the joint health benefits of Kaprex, Glucosamine Sulfate 750, and EPA-DHA Extra Strength Lemon-Flavored while providing foundation nutrition with Multigenics Intensive Care Formula without Iron.

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