Children's Formulas


Cal Apatite Chewable:


Features the same nutrients contained in original Cal Apatite, but with twice the amount (1,000 mg) of MCHC per tablet.



DHA LemonGels:


A convenient source of health-promoting, antioxidant stabilized omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA) from purity-tested fish oil. DHA LemonGels is manufactured through a proprietary system that removes contaminants and impurities, resulting in a safer, better-tasting oil. Provided in triglyceride form for optimal absorption and bioavailability.


Multigenics Chewable:


A high quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement with excellent nutrient bioavailability designed especially for children or for those adults who prefer a chewable tablet.


Mycelized Children's Multi-Vitamin:


Provides pure, high quality vitamins delivered in a special water-soluble, micellized form.



Ultra Bifidus DF:


A probiotic supplement featuring a highly viable, pure strain of the beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium lactis in dairy-free form. Ultra Bifidus DF can be used routinely by people of all ages (infants to seniors).


Ultracare First Start:


A specialty medical food drink mix designed for children and teenagers with conditions associated with metabolic syndrome, such as:


– Obesity
– Insulin resistance
– Dyslipidemia



Ultracare First Start WHEY:


A nutritionally fortified, functional food beverage mix designed for children and teenagers who want to improve their body composition (lean muscle-to-fat ratio).


Ultracare For Kids:


A specialty medical food drink mix designed for children with food allergy-related conditions such as:

– Asthma  – Eczema  – Rhinitis 
– Diarrhea  – Hives (Urticaria)   

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