Clinic Tour


Reception Area

Our goal is to welcome you warmly and hospitably. Our reception area is unlike other "waiting rooms" you are used to! Off hours, this area doubles as a kitchen for cooking classes.




Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are clean, comfortable and have a great view. We also use the highest quality equipment to maximize the treatment effectiveness.





We work with labs throughout the country to utilize the latest technology provided in house and out of house for your testing. Our huge investment is your profit!




X-Ray Room

Accidents and injuries to your spine and extremities often include forces that can change your anatomy. Our modern equipment assures you a safe and high quality skeletal assessment.




Treatment Support Products

What you do outside your time with us is at least as important as what you do with us.  We make many home treatment support options available to you to maximize your treatment outcomes and diminish your dependence on us!




Personal Consultation Room

Has education been a part of your previous health care experiences or have your questions been met with a half hearted response?  We are blazing new trails by supporting you in every way possible through personal coaching.




Physical Therapy

Physical limitations can take you out of the life you are used to.  Our therapies reduce healing times and maximize your health recovery!




Exercise Coaching

We coach you on joint strengthening exercises that are designed to minimize your need for chiropractic care!

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