Our Philosophy To Care


Five Pillars

To understand our philosophy to care, it would be helpful for you to learn the five pillars that define our approach. Below is a brief explanation of these five pillars.

1. Functional Medicine
2. Principle Centered
3. Chiropractic
4. Total Health
5. Christian


Functional Medicine

If you have a serious problem like arthritis, attention deficit, cancer or heart disease, your body is most likely not working right. If you have symptoms like indigestion, headache, back pain or muscle aches, your body is most likely not working right. Functional Medicine is not only concerned about your symptoms, but a functional doctor is also concerned about how your body is working. A Functional Approach measures and supports your body functions so they work the way they were designed to work!


Principle Centered

Do you know what it takes to make your digestion better? Do you know how to strengthen your immunity or balance your hormones? Just like the principles of gardening show that a plant grows stronger with the right amount of nutrients, sunlight, soil cultivation, weeding, pest control and water... there are principles of health that strengthen people too! At Total Health, we help you identify and remove stressors that keep your body from healing. We also teach Principles that put you into an environment of thriving.



Your brain controls EVERY function of your body. Tiny little nerves carry the signal that supports each cell, tissue and organ! If one of these nerve fibers is irritated or pinched, the health of the cells, tissues and organs that are supplied by that nerve will be jeopardized! Do you think your nerves are working at 100%? A Chiropractic Approach measures and balances joint and muscle functions while reducing pressure on nerves so organ systems work better!


Total Health

It may seem obvious to you, but in our age of "specialties," this fact is often missed: Everything affects everything! If you are experiencing ANY symptoms, it is important to reflect on the contribution of things like diet, exercise and rest. As you become more aware of your environment, you may even see the connection between your symptom(s) and things like stressful relationships, electromagnetic stress, work stress, mental/emotional stress, financial stress, etc. Our Total Health Approach respectfully considers every area of your life because everything matters.



God made you; He can also heal you! Although man has limitations in ability and understanding, God is never limited. Sometimes God chooses to heal a person miraculously. Sometimes He chooses to heal a person by working through people. At Total Health, a Christian Approach means that we trust God to lead both you and us because He is ultimately the Great Physician. To God be the Glory!

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