Our Approach To Meeting You


Trust: The bedrock of great relationships


Lasting relationships are built on trust.  We're not asking you to blindly give us your trust. We intend to work hard to earn it! As we work with our patients, we ask them to look for two elements that build their trust in us: care and competence.  It is care and competence lived out in the treatment of our patients that has earned us the respect from thousands of patients over the last 25 years.


Principles of our initial time together
As we work with you, we want to understand three things...
     1. We want to understand your values and desires
            a. We take time to understand your desires - because we recognize that we must give you what you want and not what we want or what we think you want!              
     2. We want to understand your limitations
            a. We take time to understand your limitations - because we recognize that treatment plans have to be tailored to your unique needs and abilities.
     3. We want to understand your questions and concerns
            a. We take time to answer your questions - because we recognize that you can't make decisions about your future unless you are informed of your options.


To provide us both with an opportunity to get to know each other and see if there is any potential in working together, we offer you a free consultation with us. 

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