Our Approach To Assessing You


Competence to Uncover Causes


We believe that the best doctor is the best diagnostician. For twenty-five years, we have invested a large amount of money and energy into equipment and relationships with cutting edge labs so that we can be the best diagnosticians for you! We also refer to neighborhood physicians for tests we don't carry.


Our assessments are designed to uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms. Along with on-site x-ray equipment, our lab work assesses a wide variety of issues. Below is a sample of our assessment capabilities.


X-ray analysis
Cellular analysis
Darkfield Live Cell analysis
12 system analysis
Male and female hormone profiles
Digestive analysis
Excretory analysis
Food sensitivity analysis
Elemental hair analysis
Nutritional status
Cardiovascular risk assessment
Thyroid and Adrenal function


In order to determine the test(s) that would be best for you, we suggest that you meet with us for a fifteen-minute free consultation.

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