Our Approach To Treating You


Wisdom for healing... Principles that strengthen...


We believe that whether a nutrient or a drug, health cannot be found in a bottle. Also, a doctor really doesn't "heal" anyone; but the God who made you can heal you and lead you in the way you should go.


True health care accesses the healing potential of the patient to heal through principles. A person becomes wise when they learn healing principles and applies them to their life.


At Total Health Solutions, we lead people in principles that restore health. Following is a sample of some of the treatment principles we use.


Chiropractic treatment of joint, muscle and nervous function
Massage therapies
Physical therapies
Nutrient therapies
Enzyme therapies
Detoxification therapies
Diet and Nutritional therapies
Exercise and Rest therapies
Personal education for home therapies


The treatment option that are necessary for you are determined through our assessments. Because people are uniquely different, we have never treated two people exactly the same. In order to determine your treatment needs, we suggest that you meet with us for a fifteen-minute free consultation to talk about your assessment options. 

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