Radiance Candles


Radiance is a line of candles handmade by Dr. Mitch with meticulous care to details regarding wax and wicks, as well as original scents from pure botanical oils! If there can be a "healthy" candle, these would fit the bill! We currently carry the scents "Peace" and "Joy" and are available for sale at the office. They make wonderful gifts - for others or yourself!




- Our candles are made with 100% natural soybean wax so that they burn purer and cleaner without the toxic fumes of paraffin.


- The color is natural so that there is no man made additives to increase toxic fumes.


- Our wick is a cotton braid with thin paper filaments interwoven for burn stability and a clean flame. There is no metal core to increase toxic emissions.


- The scent is a mixture of pure botanical oils. There is no man made chemical scent in this candle.



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