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You wouldn't buy a car without "checking it out" first!  We want you to have the same privilege before deciding who to trust with your health care!


Whether you have questions about our office or saw something on our website that you'd like more information on.....


We invite you to schedule a free consultation to "Check Out" the extent to which we can help you.  You will have a chance to see our clinic, meet with the doctor and discuss your health concerns without any obligation.


The following forms are needed for your consult time.  You can fill them out and fax (651-407-3163) or email them to us prior to your appointment or fill them out in our office.  It is your choice!


Simply call us to schedule a "Check It Out" appointment.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Check It Out Intake Form


Medical Symptoms Questionnaire





"I've been struggling with arthritis symptoms and inflammation and pain in my hands, wrist, knees and other joints.  After nine months, I have little or no inflammation or pain in my joints.  I'm off arthritis medication.  I'm sleeping better and I have much more energy.  I haven't had a cold in eight months and that's amazing for me."





"It's amazing!  I am completely off of my steroids.  I take only a small amount of aspirin compared to what I was doing, and I am feeling so much better!  My rash was gone within two weeks of starting Dr. Mitch's treatment plan.  My rheumatoid arthritis has had significant improvement."





"Grace had colic.  She would cry so much, and her voice would get hoarse due to reflux.  I didn't want to put her on meds so I brought her to Dr. Mitch.  (After several chiropractic adjustments) Grace smiles so much more now!  Her voice is no longer hoarse, and she is so much more content."

-Baby Grace's Mom 




"After finding out about my food allergies and following Mitch's guidelines, my energy level increased.  I pretty much quit burping and best of all my stomach quit hurting.  I felt like a new person... I wish I could have found Mitch years ago."



Your Total Health Team


Marie - Financial Manager / Accountant / Reception

Marie manages the smooth operation of patient flow by working at the "front desk" in reception of our patients.  Most of Marie's work is behind the scenes, however.  She is Dr. Mitch's wife, so no one can even imagine what that entails!

Lynn - Lab Tech / Accountant Manager / Office Manager

Lynn handles all our lab specimen collections (blood, urine, saliva, hair, etc.).  Lynn helps provide diagnostic solutions for our patients by working with cutting edge labs across America.  Lynn also has done all Total Health insurance billing for over twenty years.  In doing so, she works hard to provide financial solutions for patients seeking our Total Health Assessments and Treatment Plans.

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