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Dr. Mitch Mondo





I came to realize the power of chiropractic at the age of nine when my own headaches, that ruined many days, were corrected through chiropractic care.  At that time, I experienced for the first time the Chiropractic Approach to wellness when x-rays were taken and a problem in my neck was discovered and shown to be the potential cause for my headaches.


After the x-rays, I began chiropractic treatments.  In a few short weeks, chiropractic correction of my neck eliminated my headaches!  At that time I decided to become a chiropractor and never turned back.


With my brother as a forerunner in chiropractic, I began to pursue my career in chiropractic with great passion.  In the fall of 1982, I joined my brother Jim in practice here in White Bear Lake.


Three years later, at age 27, I began to suffer some serious health problems.  In March of 1986, I prayed about my health issues and asked God to lead me through them.  He led me to Christian chiropractors in Red Wing, Minnesota.  They had a nutritional practice and did many lab tests.  They did a number of lab tests on me and uncovered problems with my digestive function and immune function.  They recommended a number of therapies for me to do at home.  It was at that time that I first discovered a Functional Approach to wellness.


Even though a doctorate in Chiropractic encompasses the scope of lab work involving blood, urine, saliva, hair and stool analysis, I never intended to use lab analysis in my practice.  I only intended to be a "technical" chiropractor.  God had other plans, however!  Through my own illness, I learned the value of lab tests and principle centered treatment plans that extended beyond chiropractic.  After the benefits I received from a Functional Approach to wellness I just had to learn more!


While I was in Red Wing, the lab tech for my chiropractic friends recommended that I visit an elderly lady in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Knowing that God is in control and may have had a role in her recommendation, I followed her advice.  At that time, I met Margaret Syring and she sat me on her couch and taught me health from a Christian perspective.  It was at this time that I first began to experience a Christian Approach to wellness.  My eyes were beginning to open!


I had to learn about the many health principles I had offended.  Some were a result of my own choices and poor wisdom.  Some were just a result of situations beyond my control.  Regardless, lab tests and treatments that were based on a Principle Centered Approach to wellness resulted in my changed life and the restoration of my health.


After many more years of great personal study of lab testing and corresponding treatments, I began to provide lab testing for my patients.  In 1994 I opened up a satellite office in room 101 of the Birch Lake Professional Building and began assessing blood, urine, saliva, hair and stool in order to uncover system dysfunctions in my patients.  The results were marvelous!


In 2002, I outgrew my starting clinic and moved upstairs in the Birch Lake Professional Building.  Since then, I have invested in technical lab equipment, continued to develop my relationship with functional labs throughout America by learning many more testing procedures and added a health coach and two care managers to my team.

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